As the heritage wing of the Palm Beach Hotel in Visakhapatnam, this new hotel showcases the deep-rooted artistic essence of the state of Andhra Pradesh and aims to create a uniquely memorable hospitality experience for its guests. By purposefully using an assemblage of traditional and modern handicrafts in its interiors, it not only pays tribute to the cultural heritage of one of India’s magnificent states but also preserves the legacy of its artisans.

This is the first time that Tholu Bommalata or leather shadow puppetry, Budithi brass work, Kalamkari pen art and Etikoppaka toys have been used together to create an evolved aesthetic expression that is befitting of a setting in which hotel guests can be comfortably and leisurely introduced to these fascinating crafts. Since each artifact snugly tells a story of beauty, dignity, form, style and aesthetics, the hotel weaves a quaint tale of Andhra's history.